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HD Muscle is restocking Nick Walker’s pre-workouts on Black Friday and in two new flavors

Hd Muscle X Nick Walker Flavor X And Peach Juice

HD Muscle only recently launched its pre-workout collaboration with Nick Walker in the two supplements, PreHD Variant 001 and PreHD Variant 002. The product has the same ingredients support muscle pumps and performance, where they differ is PreHD Variant 001 also has ingredients for energy. The other Nick Walker pre-workout, PreHD Variant 002, doesn’t have any energizing stimulants but does have just as much to improve focus.

Currently, if you head to HD Muscle’s online store, you’ll see that PreHD Variant 001 and Variant 002 are completely sold out, although, despite the special edition nature of the supplements, they are returning shortly. More importantly, they’re returning with new flavors to choose from, separately from Variant 001’s Purple Popsicle and Variant 002’s Apple Grape. The former is getting a new Flavor X, and the latter a more descriptive Peach Juice.

HD Muscle is planning to restock its Nick Walker pre-workouts right on Black Friday, so not only will fans of the collaborations PreHD Variant 001 and Variant 002 have new tastes to look forward to, but they’ll be able to get them at some sort of deal involving savings and freebies, or a flat, solid discount.

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