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Nick Walker’s signature pre-workouts go live at HD Muscle for $59.99 each

Where To Buy Nick Walkers Hd Muscle Pre Workouts

Nick Walker’s signature supplements, put together in partnership with HD Muscle, were completely unveiled about a week ago, and they are a little different from what we expected. There are two products in the series, both of them pre-workouts, but interestingly, they aren’t the usual stackable pair of stimulant and stimulant-free. There is PreHD Variant 001, a pre-workout for pump, performance, and energy, and PreHD Variant 002, with the same pump and performance but focus support in place of energy.

The intriguing approach to the pre-workout category from HD Muscle and Nick Walker have made their highly-anticipated debut alongside this year’s Olympia Weekend, where Walker was meant to step on stage and attempt to take home the title but unfortunately pulled out due to injury. The supplements can be purchased directly from the sports nutrition brand’s online store at, and being premium pre-workouts, they have a premium price of $59.99 each in their own individual flavors.

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