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Save 15% a serving with JNX Sports’ bigger half-kilogram tub of The Curse Creatine

Jnx Sports Bigger Curse Creatine 100 Servings

JNX Sports expanded into simple, standalone supplements last year, which was a significant move for the company as it’s been around for quite a while but has always stuck to complex products and categories like pre-workout and weight loss. The brand debuted straightforward, bulk unflavored creatine and glutamine, produced in distinctively different white tubs as opposed to JNX’s more traditional all black bottles.

Straight from JNX Sports’ online store, a tub of The Curse Creatine is $24.99, and that gets you 60 servings, each at the effective dose of 5g of creatine monohydrate. Launching this week is a bigger bottle of that same supplement, tipping the scales at half a kilogram, giving you 66% more servings at a total of 100. The direct price on that is $35.99, working out to a saving of 15%, and it is still in stackable unflavored powder.

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