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Bulk beta-alanine makes it three products for JNX Sports’ growing family of standalones

Jnx Sports The Curse Beta Alanine

JNX Sports has been around for several years, with the brand best known for its pre-workout The Curse. However, last year, the legacy name entered the standalone supplement category with an unflavored creatine and glutamine. It then expanded on this just last week with the launch of a half-kilogram tub of The Curse Creatine. JNX Sports is back and at it again this week, announcing another single-ingredient product by way of the all-new The Curse Beta Alanine.

JNX Sports’ new The Curse Beta Alanine follows in the footsteps of those other standalones, Creatine and Glutamine, sporting an alternative all-white tub design. The latest from JNX comes in 300g bottle of 100 servings, with each of those providing 3g of straight beta-alanine to aid endurance and performance. If you’re a fan of standalone ingredient products, you’ll be pleased to know The Curse Beta Alanine is already available to purchase directly from the brand’s online store as well as the online retail giant Amazon for $24.99 a tub.

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