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Like A Pro’s $1 menu returns for Black Friday with its top supplements at just $1 a serving

Like A Pro Black Friday Dollar Menu

Premium brand Like A Pro Supplements, known for all sorts of reliably effective products like Pump & Focus and the NO3-T nitrate-loaded Outsized, has shared details of its Black Friday sale, and it’s not one fans are going to want to miss. The way the brand has put it is the return of the $1 menu, and by that, unfortunately, it doesn’t mean supplements at $1 a bottle, but units that work out to $1 a serving, which is incredibly worthwhile considering what Like A Pro jams into its servings.

Like A Pro Supplements is indeed dropping several of its top-selling well-put-together products to the equivalent of $1 a serving, including the premier pre-workout Pump & Focus to $29.99, 2lb tubs of Whey Isolate protein powder to $29.99, and Peak & Power also down to $29.99. Everything else is just as heavily discounted, with 30% off, dropping the likes of Complete Health to under $100 and Outsized to $39.99. There are freebies, too, with Cerebral at $99 and free shipping over $149.

Like A Pro Supplements is kicking off all of the action on Thanksgiving, the day before Black Friday itself, specifically at 7PM Eastern Time, and exclusively through its official online store at