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Completely rebranded Red, White & Boom switches to an incredibly unique illustration-heavy design

Merica Labz Graphic Heavy Rebrand Of Red White Boom

‘Merica Labz said it was shaking up the look of its supplements, bringing back some of that old creative, eye-catching flare with a little less consistency across the line, basically altering the look for each of its products. One of the most recent examples would be the inclusion-packed Patriot’s Whey, which is back and better than ever in several mouthwatering flavors and with its own distinct flavor-driven branding.

The most ‘Merican brand out there, ‘Merica Labz, has shared a sneak peek at the upcoming new look for its original stimulant-powered pre-workout Red, White, and Boom, and this might be its most interesting and intriguing design to date. You can see what the supplement and its various flavors look like in the image above, taking the original concept from the Red, White, and Boom Energy Drink, which had a message and a cartoon-style American president for each of its different flavors.

The new ‘Merica Labz Red, White, and Boom will continue that theme but in a much more graphic-heavy way, where you get highly detailed illustrations of American presidents in some incredibly unique situations and surroundings. Again, the brand did say it’d be switching things up moving forward, although we didn’t expect it to be quite on this level. According to the brand, the revamped product is ready to ship, so be on the lookout despite how incredibly difficult it will be to miss this one.