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Morphogen reworks its nighttime fat burner Somagen to include InnoSlim

Morphogen Nutrition 2023 Somagen

When it rains, it falls with Morphogen Nutrition, and by that, we mean that when it drops a new product, it generally drops a whole bunch, and that is the case here in November. In the last week or so, we shared details on the reputable brand’s revamped AstraGin-enhanced creatine, now named Creatine+, and its reformulated pump capsule formula Morphogen Pump. Also joining those supplements at this month is a refreshed Somagen.

Morphogen Nutrition has taken its nighttime product Somagen, designed primarily to support and improve your quality of sleep as well as recovery and weight loss, making for a pretty unique, multi-benefit nighttime concoction. The aim of the game is still very much the same as the original, although the brand has removed many ingredients and added some new components in their place for a similar sort of balance of sleep and fat-burning support.

Morphogen Nutrition Somagen 2023 Label

The few features Morphogen Nutrition has held onto for its 2023 edition of Somagen are 3g of glycine, a gram of taurine, and half a gram of the highlight effective sleep ingredient, Zylaria. Everything else has been shifted around, with apigenin, lavender, and Mitoburn no longer in the mix. Saffron extract is still there but as standard saffron at double the amount, not SaffSerene, alongside added myo-inositol, a gram of tryptophan to further the sleep side, and proven InnoSlim taking care of the weight loss over Mitoburn.

If you head to Morphogen Nutrition’s online store, you’ll find the renewed nighttime fat burner in stock at $56 for a bottle of 20 servings, which is the same amount of servings as the previous iteration. The advanced supplement comes in two flavors, both of them perfectly suited for drinking right before bed in ZZZ, a honey lemon lavender combination, and for that classic hot chocolate or hot cocoa experience, there is the milk chocolate Dream.