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Morphogen improves its standalone creatine to Creatine+ with the help of AstraGin

Morphogen Nutrition Creatine Plus

Fans and followers of the reputable Morphogen Nutrition that head to its online store may notice that its standalone creatine supplement, simply named Creatine, is currently out of stock but is returning and will be available once again in the coming weeks. When that restock takes place, regular users of the product are in for a bit of a surprise, as the brand is upgrading Creatine to Creatine+, and it has one key change in formula.

Morphogen Nutrition’s difference from Creatine to Creatine+ is similar to that of its standalone glutamine supplement, Glutamine+. Like that one, the upcoming Creatine+ is going to combine its title ingredient of creatine monohydrate for muscle strength and power with the premium and proven AstraGin. The more advanced approach is going to encourage better absorption of the creatine and get more results from the ingredient.

It is a small change but noteworthy nonetheless, that, at the end of the day, adds to and improves the product. We also don’t imagine Morphogen Nutrition will change the price from Creatine to Creatine+; it’ll simply give you more for the same at $32 with 60 servings a tub in an unflavored powder for easier stacking with your pre-workout, post-workout, or essentially any sort of supplement.