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Myprotein is putting up a billboard in New York City this Saturday to sample its clear protein

Myprotein Clear Whey Sampling Billboard

Myprotein is no stranger to doing fun and alternative stunts out in public, especially in its home market of the UK; it was only a few weeks ago the international giant opened its first physical store in the heart of Manchester, serving up fresh food, protein shakes, and coffee. This coming Saturday, here in the US, specifically in New York City, Myprotein is running an interesting activation that’ll be live and accessible from 10:30 to 5PM.

At 410 Lafayette Street on Saturday, Myprotein is going to have an interactive billboard that is far more than your traditional banner or short video. As mentioned, it is an interactive billboard with tubes of premixed Clear Whey Protein. Attached to those tubes are taps for you to throw a sample-size cup under and try a nice variety of flavors of the clean and refreshing supplement, and you can enter to win a three-month supply.

Myprotein will have four flavors of Clear Whey Protein available via the billboard in Orange, Raspberry Lemonade, Cranberry Raspberry, and the Lemon Lime flavor of the plant-based variant of the product. It’s a fun little way for the general public to be introduced to the brand and try its clear and refreshing protein powder, a sub-category that Myprotein has been in longer than most and put together a variety of competitors for.