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NeoTEIN uniquely combines collagen and hydration-supporting electrolytes in its flagship product

Neotein Recover

NeoTEIN is a relatively young but impressively established supplement company that made its debut about a year and a half ago in May of last year. The brand has just the one product, which is sort of a blend of sports nutrition and lifestyle, basically it’s not something you’ll find from many others out there. The supplement is named NeoTEIN Recover, and it is a blend of protein, or a protein source, and electrolytes for hydration.

The protein side of NeoTEIN and its simply named Recovery, is not a comprehensive source like whey concentrate or isolate, or milk protein; it is healthy hair, skin, and nails-supporting hydrolyzed bovine collagen, providing 10g of protein a serving. With collagen as the protein-providing ingredient, the rest of the nutrition profile in NeoTEIN Recovery is virtually non-existent, with no sugar, carbohydrates, or fat for 45 calories.

Neotein Recover

The hydration part of NeoTEIN Recovery comes in the form of a variety of essential electrolytes, providing 140mg of sodium and 370mg of potassium per serving, improving hydration, performance, and the title benefit of recovery. As mentioned, it’s certainly an intriguing supplement, and the brand packages it in stick-pack format for you to conveniently use before your workout or during, or rip it open and pour it in after your workout.

NeoTEIN’s rather unique health, wellness, hydration, and protein product is available directly through the brand’s online store in a few options, including the typical one-off purchase of a three-stick pack at $10 or a box of 15 for $59, all in the one Lemon Lime flavor. NeoTEIN Recovery also has slightly discounted subscription options, where you can receive a box of 15 a month for $55 or go big for two, a total of 30 sticks, at $100.