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Purus Labs greatly improves its Rice Krispies Treat-like protein snack

New And Improved Purus Labs Protein Crispy Treat

Earlier this year, the team at Purus Labs vc its highly-anticipated Rice Krispies Treat-style snack aptly named Protein Crispy Treat. Like the original snack that inspired it, it features a crispy and crunchy main body in various flavors like Classic Marshmallow and S’mores, and it’s packed with protein. The team at Purus has taken time since that debut to refine and further perfect its functional food for a new and improved version.

Purus Labs has officially relaunched its Protein Crispy Treat this month, right on the turn from November to December, to close out the year with simply a much better take on the snack. The style and approach are still very much the same, aiming for a Rice Krispies Treat-like experience, but it is much softer and smoother. The macros are as on point as the original, and there is a fresh new Fruity Cereal flavor going alongside the first three options of Classic Marshmallow, Cinnamon Cookie Crunch, and S’mores.

You can head to to get your hands on the new and improved Protein Crispy Treat directly from Purus Labs, where you can conveniently buy individual units at $3.50 each or a box of a dozen for $2.50 a piece. The single option makes it nice and easy to try the product before investing in a full box, especially if you gave the first iteration of the Protein Crispy Treat a go and felt it could have been a better experience.