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Panda’s pre-workout collab with Black Magic returns for its 30% off Black Friday sale

Panda X Black Magic Sinister Back For Black Friday

Sinister is Panda Supplements’ potent pre-workout collaboration put together in partnership with the equally reputable Black Magic, including a solid double-digit dose of pure citrulline for pumps at 10g, plus 508mg of VasoDrive and a potent stimulant portion with the likes of PEA, halostachine, tyrosine, and caffeine. The product, as mentioned, was a collaboration, and a limited-time one at that, so it was never intended to be around for an extended period of time.

Alongside its Black Friday sale, Panda Supplements has indeed brought back the Sinister pre-workout it produced in partnership with Black Magic, but keep in mind this is not an ongoing opportunity; this is another limited restock as far as we’re aware. The packed-out product is once again back online at, and it’s even better this time because it’s during the brand’s Black Friday sale, where everything is 30% off, bringing Sinister down to a nice $41.99.