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Pandy gives its low-calorie candy a frosty flavor as the cold winter season approaches

Pandy Frosty Blueberry Candy

The original protein candy company Pandy, has released a special edition flavor of the product it is now mostly known for, in a practically no sugar and impressively low-calorie candy. The taste the Swedish functional brand has introduced is themed around the cold winter season, and it is being referred to as a limited Winter Edition. The flavor Pandy has put out to help enjoy the holidays that little bit more is an intriguing Frosty Blueberry.

Pandy’s Frosty Blueberry better-for-you candy is a bag of bite-sized, soft, round gummy candies that have a sweet taste of blueberry to them. They feature the brand’s usual candy highlights with only a gram of sugar in an entire 50g bag, an almost non-existent 2g of protein, zero fat, and 70 calories. Like winter itself, Pandy’s Frosty Blueberry candy is only around for a limited time, with stock available immediately direct, in single bags and a bulk bundle.

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