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At least two more products are following RYSE’s CEO Pre-Workout under its Drop Culture series

Ryse Drop Culture Series

RYSE unveiled its promising powerhouse pre-workout yesterday, which is the CEO Nic Stella’s signature supplement, aptly named the RYSE CEO Pre-Workout. The formula does not disappoint, coming loaded with a laundry list of ingredients at respectable dosages, 17 ingredients in total. More importantly, 12 of those are premium, branded components and include the likes of PeakATP, Dynamine, Cognizin, and NO3-T nitrates.

Another critical part of the RYSE CEO Pre-Workout is that it is part of what is being referred to as the Drop Culture collection. The name alone suggests it is the first in a series of limited edition supplements that’ll drop one after another, maybe at a monthly pace, some planned distance, or anything in between. The brand has shared a bit more information about what Drop Culture is going to involve, and it is more than the CEO Pre-Workout.

RYSE is getting ready to roll out three supplements, the first of which is indeed the RYSE CEO Pre-Workout, launching in a week on Thanksgiving. The second and third are currently referred to as Drop 2 and Drop 3, and in their preview images, which aren’t going to be how they look in your hand, they say “Athlete Series”. To us, this suggests the Drop Culture line is going to involve at least two other products themed around athletes and ambassadors, presumably a similar level of importance to Nic Stella.

If we had to guess, a Drop Culture pre-workout from co-owner Noel Deyzel and another from product developer Brett Westover are in the pipeline, purely because they’re seen heavily promoting the RYSE CEO Pre-Workout. We could be wrong on that, hence the guess, but either way, we’ve got confirmation there are more supplements coming under the Drop Culture collection, themed around athletes or ambassadors, and like the jam-packed CEO Pre-Workout, we’re looking forward to it all.