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SEEQ is calling Black Friday customers and playing blackjack for a chance to win more protein

Seeq Casino For Black Friday

All this week, through to Monday, SEEQ is running a Black Friday sale, where fans and followers get a 25% discount on any flavor of the colorful brand’s signature supplement, SEEQ Clear Protein. Alongside the promotion, the brand has dropped a new and limited flavor in Black Cherry, making for an action-packed week. There is actually one other feature involved in the Black Friday sale, and as awesome as the discount and flavor extension are, this is just as, if not even more exciting.

What’s going to happen is anyone who places an order during SEEQ’s Black Friday promotion, is in with the chance to play at the SEEQ Casino. The brand is going to randomly select and call customers who make a purchase during its limited-time sale and basically play a game of blackjack with them. If the customer beats the dealer, they get a full-size tub of SEEQ Clear Protein, and they get the option of putting their winnings on the line by doubling up and potentially taking home two tubs.

The new Black Cherry Clear Protein and strong 25% discount were probably already enough to draw fans in and make a purchase, and the SEEQ Casino simply adds another layer of interest and will likely bring in newcomers to the brand and its protein powder. To get in on the action, simply head to; there is no coupon required as everything is automatically dropped by 25%; and cross your fingers for the call and chance to win more protein powder at the SEEQ Casino.

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