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RYSE shares a sneak peek at its CEO Pre-Workout under its intriguing Drop Culture Series

Sneak Peek At Ryse Nic Stella Ceo Pre Workout

RYSE has shared a sneak peek at what looks to be the promising new pre-workout it is planning to drop around Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and it seems as though there may be a little more to this than just a one-off supplement. As a quick refresher, that upcoming product has made some bold statements, saying it’ll have a huge 17 different pre-workout ingredients, with 12 of those being premium, branded components.

The latest teaser from RYSE can be seen above, with the upcoming supplement being swallowed up by liquid gold but leaving enough gaps to give us a few specific details. Looking closely at the graphic, it appears to say “The … CEO, Pre-Workout”, with our guess at the unclear text in between those words being “The Nic Stella CEO Pre-Workout”. The flavor also looks to be Stella Sherbet, further reinforcing the name of the CEO.

Another critical detail from the image is the weight of the supplement itself, tipping the scales at 644g, which works out to a large serving size of 32.2g if you get 20 per tub. Interestingly, RYSE is describing the product as the first in a Drop Culture Series, and while it may be one of its most loaded pre-workouts to ever be brought to market, there is only going to be a limited amount, and once that is gone, it’s not coming back.

The reference to the seemingly titled, The Nic Stella CEO Pre-Workout, being part of a Drop Culture Series and limited, makes it sound like this won’t just be a one-off. Don’t be surprised if the product is eventually followed by another entry in the same series but takes on another theme, potentially based around an ambassador or occasion. The name of the line “Drop Culture” leaves open a lot of possibilities, but for now, the 17-ingredient RYSE CEO Pre-Workout is what you want to be focusing on.