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RYSE has put 12 premium ingredients into a pre-workout that’s dropping on Thanksgiving

Ryse Teases Kitchen Sink Pre Workout

RYSE Supplements may have mainstream-level products on the market at the likes of Walmart, and make a few straightforward products, but it’s always been known for its more advanced, complex offerings ever since its inception. There is the brand’s reputable Blackout Series, the powerhouse Godzilla Pre-Workout, and the Daddy duo of the stimulant-free pump-loaded Pump Daddy and the high-stimulant counterpart Stim Daddy.

In the coming weeks, it looks like RYSE Supplements is taking a page out of Ekkovision and Apollon Nutrition’s books, specifically their past packed pre-workouts Dethroner and Triumph. The brand is hyping something for the 23rd of this month, Thanksgiving, which is taking the kitchen sink approach and throwing everything it can into the product, or so it seems, with 17 different ingredients, and more than half of them are trademarked components.

RYSE Supplements is putting a huge 12 premium ingredients into its promising upcoming pre-workout, just under the amount of branded entries on the facts panel of Apollon Nutrition’s Triumph and both of Ekkovision’s Dethroners. The only feature we know of in the mystery supplement coming soon from RYSE is pure citrulline to increase and enhance muscle pumps, with more than Pump Daddy but less than Godzilla at 10g a serving.

We can’t help but look forward to whatever RYSE Supplements is building up to on this one, as anytime a premium pre-workout makes its way to market, it’s worth paying attention to, especially from a brand like RYSE that arguably already has three premium pre-workouts out there. It is clearly making a big deal out of its Thanksgiving product, and based on the 17 ingredients, 12 branded, and 10g of citrulline, there is plenty to be excited about.