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Gorilla Mind keeps the flavors coming in the Vitamin Shoppe exclusive Tropic Storm

Tropic Storm Gorilla Mind Energy Drink

Right on queue, as expected, Gorilla Mind has released another new flavor of its highly efficacious Gorilla Mind Energy Drink, continuing to follow through on its promise of at least one new flavor every month since the debut of the beverage. Joining the family this time around is a tropical fruit experience in a Tropic Storm Gorilla Mind Energy Drink, blending together what looks to be pineapple, peach, and potentially guava.

Similar to Lucky Lemon and Sour Watermelon Candy, the new Tropic Storm Gorilla Mind Energy Drink is exclusive to the brand’s retail partner, The Vitamin Shoppe, which will bring its menu at the store to a total of eight and 11 overall. As mentioned, the brand promised, before it even released the beverage, that it’d drop a new flavor every month following its rollout back in April, and that has indeed played out, not at exactly one a month, but in seven months, we have seen seven extensions.

The exact date for when The Vitamin Shoppe says you’ll be able to get your hands on the Tropic Storm Gorilla Mind Energy Drink is the end of the month, this Thursday, with cases of the beverage being the same as Gorilla Mind’s own online at $34.99 although you can grab singles in stores.