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All The Whey Up is getting its first dedicated-chocolate experience in Chocolate Custard

Twp Chocolate Custard All The Whey Up

TWP Nutrition in the UK has dropped a few other supplements and product extensions here and there throughout the year, but the majority of its focus has been on its protein powder, All The Whey Up, which debuted this year and now comes in a vast selection of flavors. After introducing the blend-style competitor relying on a blend of whey concentrate, isolate, and milk concentrate, in a huge nine different tastes, the brand has gone on to blow it up to a menu closer to 20 than 10.

It was only a month ago that we got the last new flavor of TWP Nutrition’s All The Whey Up, and it wasn’t anything ordinary in Maple Hazelnut Latte, although the next addition to the supplement’s menu brings it back to the more common side. Coming soon from the growing UK company is a Chocolate Custard All The Whey Up, going for an all-out chocolate taste, which will be the product’s first dedicated chocolate option as it actually doesn’t have your typical Milk Chocolate or anything like that.