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Ekkovision is about to sell 1kg tubs of unflavored creatine for an incomparable $23

200 Serving Ekkovision Creatine

Ekkovision already has one of the most cost-competitive standalone creatine supplements on the market and it is right up there with some of the bigger names in the industry. Directly through the brand’s online store, which is still the only place you can purchase anything from the young and growing sports nutrition company, Ekkovision Creatine carries a regular cost of $23.99. That is what you’ll pay for any of the product’s many flavors before any coupon code, and it gets even lower if you go unflavored at $20.

While that price is not too bad for a 300g or 60-serving bottle of standalone creatine, that is not what you get in Ekkovision Creatine. The low $20 price tag is for a giant tub of 100 servings of the reliable strength, power, and performance-supporting ingredient. Very soon, the incredibly fast-rising brand is releasing another option of its simply-named creatine, and this one is going to take that cost-competitiveness above and beyond, giving you 200 servings of unflavored creatine monohydrate for an incomparable price.

The giant 1,000g or 2.2lb tub of Ekkovision Creatine, packing 200 servings, will only be available in Unflavored to start, although when you hear the price, that won’t be a problem. Again, the brand currently charges $20 for a 100-serving bottle, whereas that double-sized 200-serving works out to be a ridiculous 35% cheaper. Ekkovision is planning to sell it for just $25.99, with ongoing codes like “EKKO” bringing that down to $23.39, making for one of, if not the most competitively priced creatine out there.

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