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Italy’s 4+ Nutrition promises a soft and creamy experience in its latest functional outing

4 Plus Nutrition Multilayer Protein Bar

The bright yellow-branded 4+ Nutrition in Italy has more sports nutrition products in its lineup than anything else, although it has always had a strong presence in functional food, and is known for pumping out some incredibly creative and delicious treats. This month it is introducing another item in that area of its business with the 4+ Nutrition Multilayer Protein Bar, and that name does indeed describe what it’s all about.

4+ Nutrition’s Multilayer Protein Bar is a protein-packed snack in the traditional bar format, and inside that long on-the-go product, are multiple layers for various consistencies and flavors. The protein bar has the typical build of a thick but soft base then on top of that is a gooey, creamy filling, all covered in crispy protein pieces and crunchy peanuts or almonds, and finally, it’s wrapped in decadent milk chocolate.

4+ Nutrition has made it a point to highlight its Multilayer Protein Bar is soft and creamy, in reference to its smooth base and gooey layer, and that goes for both of its flavor options, Peanut Caramel and Salty Almond. The latest protein snack from the legacy Italian brand has a reasonable nutrition profile led by 17g of protein, 19g of carbohydrates with under 2g of that sugar, 8g of fat, and just under 200 calories.

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