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Longjack further expands AllMax’s already extensive basic Essentials Series

Allmax Nutrition Longjack Tongkat Ali

As we’ve reported many times before here at Stack3d, the premier source for news on supplements, energy drinks, and functional foods, legacy Canadian company AllMax Nutrition has an absolutely giant standalone side to it by way of the AllMax Essentials Series. It consists of all sorts of straightforward products, which we’ve seen expanded several times over the last year or so by way of DIM (diindolylmethane), the premium KSM-66-backed Ashwagandha, and the more recent, bulk-unflavored EAA.

The slowly but surely expanding AllMax Essentials family has grown once again here in the last month of the year, thanks to AllMax Nutrition’s Longjack Tongkat Ali. Longjack and tongkat are different names for the same ingredient; we usually prefer longjack, and it is commonly relied on in testosterone-boosting supplements and muscle builders. AllMax’s standalone longjack offering comes with a good amount of capsules a bottle at 60, and inside each of those is a reasonable 325mg of longjack.

Fans of AllMax Nutrition or anyone interested in working longjack into their stacks by way of the AllMax Essentials Longjack Tongkat Ali, can find the product at their local retailer in Canada, soon if not already, as well as at where you’ll pay $14.99 for a full-size bottle.