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Three of fans’ favorite monthly flavors return for Alpha Lion’s Christmas box set

Alpha Lion Pre Workout Of The Month Christmas Bundle

Alpha Lion is doing something quite special for its last Pre-Workout Of The Month Series drop for the year. As fans will have seen every from January through to November in 2023, the reputable brand has released a special edition taste each month for two of its pre-workouts, last month’s being Pink Swole Burst for Superhuman Pre and Pump. For December, again, the brand is doing something special where you get not one or two but three limited edition flavors.

Alpha Lion’s Pre-Workout Of The Month Series to close out the year involves three flavors each for a different pre-workout, but more interestingly, they are all flavors released earlier in 2023. The brand hasn’t picked the options itself; it actually got fans to vote, so they are the most popular special editions from 2023. The voted selection includes Fruit Of The Dragon Superhuman Extreme, Strawberry Samurai Superhuman Pre, and Breaking Razz Superhuman Pump.

To make it an even more genuinely special launch for fans of Alpha Lion, all three of those returning temporary products are being put into a Christmassy box set. Basically, fans will be able to get their hands on the pre-workouts together in the one nicely presented bundle. As mentioned, they’re going to be available tomorrow through, and with the effort that’s gone into this one, we wouldn’t be surprised if the brand sells out on this one quickly.