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Syner-Joint gives Alpha Neon a premium joint support product and is its fourth innovation this month

Alpha Neon Syner Joint

Alpha Neon has revealed and released more completely new supplements than most of the sports nutrition industry in this month alone, including the organ health formula Synergiz, the potent hydration supporter Hydron8, and the standalone muscle builder Arachidonic Acid. Among all of that, the respectable brand has also added a bunch of new flavors to its Super4 protein powder, but it hasn’t stopped there; Alpha Neon’s run continues into this week with the introduction of Syner-Joint.

You can probably figure out what Alpha Neon’s Syner-Joint is all about entirely from its name, as it is a supplement built specifically to support and improve joint comfort, mobility, function, and overall joint health. As we’ve said many times before, Alpha Neon is highly respected for the formulas it puts together and, even more so, the effectiveness and results that come from its various sports nutrition products.

Syner-Joint is indeed another comprehensive and complex supplement from Alpha Neon, featuring a whole host of reliable ingredients for the primary purpose of joint health. The product includes several common components for the category, like glucosamine at 1.2g, and MSM and chondroitin at a gram per serving, respectively. In addition to the classic three, there is a sizeable 5g of collagen, 200mg of hyaluronic acid, a gram each of turmeric, vitamin C, and ginger root, and half a gram of green-lipped mussel.

Alpha Neon clearly continues its approach to supplements and specialized sports nutrition categories with Syner-Joint, rolling together a premium combination of ingredients, as we’ve seen it do in most of its other products. Interestingly, the UK-based brand has made its entry into the usually simple and straightforward joint health category flavored, not capsules or tablets, with two tastes to choose from in Kiwi Guava and Orange Pineapple, which will cost you £35.99 (45.56 USD) for a bottle of 30 servings at