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Apollon works with world-renowned pastry chef Pierre Chahine for a flavor of protein powder

Apollon Nutrition X Delice Macarons Chocolate Hazelnut

Apollon Nutrition has done a few collaborations and partnership products in its time in the world of sports nutrition; many of those have been put together with athletes, ambassadors, and even other brands, like its powerhouse Panda pre-workout Face/Off. This week, the reputable hardcore supplement company has gone and teamed up with someone from outside of the industry who actually specializes in delicious, mouthwatering delicacies in Délice Macarons, co-founded by pastry chef Pierre Chahine.

The team at Apollon Nutrition has been working overtime with Pierre Chahine’s world-renowned Délice Macarons to create a special edition Chocolate Hazelnut flavor of its completely transparent, whey isolate and casein blend protein powder 50/50 Formula. The brand went back and forth with the bakery to ensure the taste properly represents its reputation and meets its high standard, all while providing all of the benefits of the original supplement, giving you 25g of protein a serving and around 130 calories.

With the partnership and seal of approval from Délice Macarons, we have to imagine Apollon Nutrition’s authentic Chocolate Hazelnut 50/50 Formula protein powder is going to be one of its best, if not the best flavor it has available, which says a lot, as it’s already known for its great taste. The product is going to be available this Friday through at $49.95 for a 28-serving tub, although if you want to be one of the first to try it, Délice Macarons will have it in its New York and Jersey stores tomorrow.