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Fitness Deal News’ F*ck Flavor! Assassin is making a return in all of its original glory

Apollon X Fdn Return

Years ago, the hardcore supplement company Apollon Nutrition released what was somewhat of an industry-first, where it teamed up with someone who wasn’t an ambassador of the brand, for a special edition variant of one of its most prominent products. Apollon decided to collaborate with the supplement review and deals powerhouse Fitness Deal News for what was technically version 6.5 of the high-stimulant pre-workout Assassin, and it was a hit in terms of formulation and unique flavor.

Apollon Nutrition and Fitness Deal News’ collaboration featured a lack of flavor, where the callout said, “F#ck Flavor!” and that was indeed how it tasted. The actual flavor of the supplement was intended to be jaffa orange, although the point was to care more about the effectiveness and experience than the taste, good or bad. The reason we’re bringing all of this up again this week is because Apollon has announced the return of that specific special edition, in all of its original glory, from formula through to flavor.

To avoid confusion and doubling up of Assassin offerings, Apollon Nutrition is not going to be making its returning Fitness Deal News collaboration available through its main online store at, where you can buy Assassin V8. Instead, it is relaunching Assassin V6.5 in its original Jaffa Orange flavor through its gym, where you’ll be able to get it firsthand at Apollon Gym in Edison, New Jersey, or the separate Apollon Gym website at