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Growing Swedish company Atron previews a zero sugar energy drink

Atron Previews Its Braze Energy Drink

The Swedish powerhouse Atron, which has done a lot this year, including straightforward products as well as its packed-out Dead By April pre-workout collaboration, has snuck out a rather significant announcement right at the end of the year. The busy brand has announced the coming of a convenient, carbonated, and on-the-go beverage named Braze, and it is indeed going to put Atron into the fast-paced category of energy drinks.

Atron is not saying much about its Braze beverage, only that it comes in a 440ml can, about 14.87oz, and being that it is indeed an energy drink, it does contain caffeine for an anytime boost in energy. There appear to be two flavors launching for the product with Pear and Peach, and like most Swedish functional beverages, especially those from sports nutrition companies, we’re guessing carbohydrates and calories will be next to nothing.

The Braze energy drink from Atron is said to be available for purchase shortly, almost sounding like an early 2024 release with three weeks left on the year. As soon as more details roll in, we’ll be sure to share them, so as always, fans of the brand and energy drink connoisseurs in Sweden will want to stay tuned here at Stack3d for more information.

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