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Protein Pancake maker puts carnitine and vitamins into a functional coffee product

Bite And More Unveils Carnitine Coffee

A few days following the initial teaser, Turkish brand Bite and More has taken the cover off its previously mystery, although still confidently suspected supplement, which has turned out to be precisely what we had guessed. The brand, known for its honey-sweetened, high-protein, and creamy-centered Protein Pancake, has shifted into powder supplements with the introduction of the coffee product L-Carnitine Coffee.

Bite and More’s L-Carnitine Coffee is a powder for you to make and serve your own cup of coffee, but as a functional twist, it is infused with metabolism and weight management-supporting carnitine and a blend of B vitamins. The brand has only unveiled the supplement for now and said that it’ll be available to its growing fan base in the near future, so we don’t yet know exactly how many of those main ingredients are in there.

It’s an intriguing move by Bite and More to go from its hit Protein Pancake and its ever-expanding selection of flavors into the world of functional supplements, or more specifically, functional coffee. L-Carnitine Coffee is certainly going to expand the reach and awareness of the brand. The product is also a sign that Bite and More is ready to dive into other areas of fitness, including the involvement of classic supplement formats.

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