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Growing functional brand Bite and More distortedly previews a carnitine-infused coffee

Bite And More L Carnitine Coffee

The team at Bite and More has been on a roll this year, dropping flavor after flavor and a couple of flavor series for its original hit protein snack, the sweet and gooey-filled Protein Pancake. The brand that puts 10g of protein into a honey-sweetened pancake, recently added a bunch of flavors to its signature functional food, including a family of options where the pancake itself has a chocolate flavor as well as one that’s red velvet.

Bite and More now appears to be stepping away from the snacking world and into a traditional supplement format with a teaser that seems to be based around something called L-Carnitine Coffee. We can’t clearly see the front of the product, although we can easily read the “L-Carnitine” part and a bit of the word “coffee”, which seems like it’s definitely a part of the supplement as the teaser itself is surrounded by coffee beans.

If we had to guess based on the name, Bite and More’s L-Carnitine Coffee is likely to be a powder product that you either add to your coffee or use to make a cup with the metabolism and weight loss-supporting carnitine in the mix. We’ll have to wait to see how it all plays out exactly, but we’re pretty sure a carnitine-infused coffee supplement is what we’re in for from Bite and More, and it’ll be interesting to see how it’s all executed.