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Controlled Labs puts more than 5x the carbohydrates as protein in its mass gainer

Controlled Labs Weight Gainer

Controlled Labs has a new protein offering coming down the pipeline to go alongside its long-running blend-style supplement ProMore and its return to the protein bar market, the Demand Bar, introduced earlier this year. Up next is Weight Gainer, described by the brand itself as an “Extreme Mass Gains Formula” and it has the calories to back it up. The product features a scalable, nutritionally dense profile and a rather simple set of common and reliable ingredients to provide all of those mass gainer macros.

Controlled Labs Weight Gainer comes with 25g of protein a serving from a blend of whey concentrate, whey isolate, and milk concentrate, and a significantly higher 130g of carbohydrates, 6g of that sugar, coming from maltodextrin. The fat is nice and low, close to a typical protein powder at 2.5g, and a calorie count of 638. As mentioned, the nutrition profile is scalable, so if you want that more common 50g of protein and don’t mind the calories, you can double serve for 248g of carbs and a huge 1,276 calories.

To give it a little extra, Controlled Labs Weight Gainer has added creatine monohydrate at 2g a serving to support muscle strength, power, and performance. With that potential double serving mentioned, that can move up to a more effective 4g, saving time and money for those that add creatine to their post-workout shake.

Controlled Labs Weight Gainer is not available for purchase at the moment, but already has a listing over at in preparation for when the high-calorie supplement does eventually arrive. The direct price for the straightforward protein and carbohydrate-heavy product is $39.99 for a giant 12lb bag of 32 servings, or 16 if you want to raise the bar and throw down two servings, which is four scoops. On the flavor side, the brand continues to keep things traditional in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors.