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Retailer and brand CSN gets into clear protein and starts with a refreshing Summer Berries flavor

Csn Supplements Clear Hydro Whey

While the popular sub-category of clear protein powder hasn’t been as busy over the last couple of months, at least compared to earlier in the year, it is still growing and further establishing its importance and presence. The retailer and brand CSN Supplements — Cardiff Sports Nutrition — mostly known for its great-tasting and nutrition Cream Of Rice, has just entered the space, introducing Clear Hydro Whey, and it follows the typical approach to this type of protein-focused product to a tee.

CSN Supplements’ Clear Hydro Whey, features just the one source to provide its lean 21g of protein a serving and that is premium hydrolyzed whey isolate. That leaves little room for any other nutrition with practically no carbohydrates or fat at less than 100mg a serving, and only 87 calories or 87.8, meaning there are only two calories not from protein. Again, the product stays true to the sub-category and is exclusively available in a fruity flavor with the multi-berry experience, Summer Berries.

Clear Hydro Whey is available straight from CSN Supplements online store, alongside the many other brands it sells, at a rather pricey £49.99 (63.37 USD) for a tub of 40 servings. That is a lot of servings but keep in mind that’s measured at 21g of protein each, whereas if you’re more of a 25g of protein person, that’ll take a 29.2g serving, which would bring the serving count down slightly to 34.