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Fresh is closing out the year with another special edition flavor of its pre-workout

Fresh Supps Limited Christmas Flavor

Greg Helton’s sports nutrition brand Fresh Supplements may be young, growing, and only in its first year of business, but it has been moving quickly and swiftly throughout the year. It doesn’t have too many products on the market at the moment, but it has been having some fun with one of its originals in the balanced, category-named Pre-Workout, dropping special edition flavors, themed and released around special occasions.

Right in line with the 4th Of July, Fresh Supplements treated fans to a red, white, and blue Rocket Pop Pre-Workout, then four months later, for All Hallow’s Eve, the newcomer returned with a colorful Alien Oozeberry Pre-Workout with only 3,000 units produced. As we approach the end of the year and just in time for the season of giving, the brand is dropping another event-related flavor creation that it’s not ready to share the name of yet.

You can see Fresh Supplements’ latest special edition flavor extension in the image above, wearing an alternative, wintery, snowman-themed label design, and you’ll find out exactly what it is in one week when it becomes available for purchase on Friday of next week.