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No, you’re not seeing things; Grenade is dragging a sleigh with giant protein bars around London

Grenade London Sleigh Giveaway

If you live in the busy and bustling city of London, in the home country of the functional food powerhouse Grenade, you may have seen a sleigh carted around the city with two absolutely giant Grenade Protein Bars sticking out of it in the product’s delicious authentic Oreo flavors. While you may be thinking it, no, you’re not imagining or seeing things, that is indeed happening, and it is a part of the brand’s latest marketing stunt, where ambassadors are indeed dragging a Grenade Protein Bar sleigh around London.

If it wasn’t obvious, the team at Grenade is carting its custom and unmissable sleigh around the streets of the city specifically for Christmas, and in the spirit of the season of giving, it is giving out the unforgettable Oreo collaboration flavor of the Grenade Protein Bar. The brand is stopping by the likes of Fire Stations to fuel up firefighters with its top-rated and top-tasting protein snack, and anyone passing by or seeking it out can also get a piece of the action and will be given some Grenade Protein Bars.

Grenade hasn’t specified exactly when or where the sleigh is going to be or the dates it’s running, so it might be best to simply be mindful and keep an eye out for the sleigh and its pair of mountainous Grenade Protein Bars sticking out of the front seat, despite the fact that you won’t miss it all if it goes by you.

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