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Iron Brothers announces its fully transparent competitor for the protein category

Iron Brothers Supplements Protein Powder

Iron Brothers Supplements has been in the industry for a while and amassed a loyal following thanks to its reliably formulated and effective competitors in major categories like Thermo Shred, the amino Recharged, and its signature pre-workout, Ruthless. A category the brand has been missing from throughout the years, but one that is arguably the most important out there is protein powder, and it is about to roll out exactly that.

A competitor for the highly saturated protein powder category has been announced and revealed by Iron Brothers Supplements for launch in the coming weeks. The Canadian company has gone with a reasonably self-explanatory title in Iron Brothers Protein. It has your usual nutrition profile of 24g of protein, only 3g of carbohydrates, 2g of that sugar and a gram of fiber, 1.5g of fat, and calories right around most protein powders at 130.

It is worth noting Iron Brother Supplements has made its protein powder somewhat special by being completely transparent in the sources. Right on the label, it mentions to get the 24g of protein per serving, there is 26g of whey concentrate and 2g of milk isolate. It may seem like a small detail, but transparency in a protein product is extremely rare, and it simply lets you know what kind of blend you’re getting as opposed to not knowing.

Once again, Iron Brother Supplements’ Protein is making its debut in its home country of Canada sometime next week with three flavors to choose from, in Chocolate Brownie, Vanilla Marshmallow, and a smooth Peanut Butter Cookie. You get plenty of servings in the product’s 2lb tub size at 27, and with the experience and reliability we’ve come to expect from the brand, you can count on it having a fair price for what it offers.