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Recently revamped Nitr-Ox gets even more love from Project AD by way of new flavors

Project Ad Flavor Extensions For Nitr Ox

Earlier this year, in fact, it was only a couple of months ago that the reputable brand Project AD or Anabolic Designs reworked its stimulant-free, pump-enhancing supplement Nitr-Ox, making a few changes to the supplement, but all for the better. The brand swapped out a lighter dose of citrulline malate for a solid 10g of pure citrulline; it also increased the amount of norvaline in the product, swapped HydroMax for the same amount of GlycerSize glycerol, and jacked up the absorption-enhancing AstraGin to 75mg a serving.

As mentioned, Project AD made several changes to its stimulant-free and stackable pump pre-workout Nitr-Ox, turning it into an even more reliable and effective pump-powering solution, and right before the close of the year, it is getting even more attention. This week, the brand has added to the menu of the recently upgraded Nitr-Ox, introducing a Strawberry Bubblegum option and improving its original Citrus Berry, both of them available immediately at alongside Nitr-Ox’s slightly more versatile Unflavored.