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ProSupps’ MyBar gets its first completely new flavor half a year after its return

Prosupps Cookie Dough Mybar

ProSupps made a rather major move earlier this year and resurrected its original protein bar, the MyBar, which had an impact back in the day and was all around the world after its quick rise to success but was then eventually discontinued. The legacy sports nutrition brand brought it back to life with a similarly delicious build and the protein count of the higher MyBar Pro at 30g a piece, with a familiar family of flavors including Triple Chocolate, Peanut Butter Paradise, and Caramel Craze.

About half a year later, ProSupps is showing the resurrected MyBar protein bar was received well, or at least well enough to be given some love by way of another flavor. After rolling out to retailers and distributors in those three tastes mentioned, the brand has released flavor number four. Now available immediately through and shortly in stores is a Cookie Dough MyBar with that same 30g of protein a piece, 29g of carbohydrates, 5g of sugar, and a calorie count of around 360.

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