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RYSE reformulates its pre-workouts to include premium and proven Cognizin

Ryse Reformulates With Cognizin

Premium and proven ingredients are a huge part of the sports nutrition industry these days, offering supplements study-backed components for their advanced formulations and the ability to stand out above their competitors. Cognizin is one of the premier ingredients that has built a strong name in the sports nutrition space as well as energy drinks, and it has just made that reputation even stronger in partnership with RYSE.

The ever-growing RYSE and the company behind Cognizin, Kyowa, have announced the reformulation of a handful of supplements to include the focus, concentration, and cognition supporting Cognizin. The brand is adding the clinically studied and branded form of citicoline to two of its most popular products, specifically the mainstream-level pre-workout Loaded Pre and one of our favorite pre-workouts on the market in Godzilla.

RYSE has put a solid 250mg in Loaded Pre and a highly effective half a gram in Godzilla, which will join the several others in its lineup that already make use of premium Cognizin, including BCAA Focus, the powerhouse CEO Pre-Workout, and the stimulant-based competitor Stim Daddy. It’s a testament to how reliable and effective Cognizin citicoline is, and you can already see and purchase the reformatulions on the brand’s website.