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SEEQ is going to name a holiday after the person who purchases its Santa sack full of protein powder

Seeq Protein Seeqmas Sack

SEEQ recently announced that after introducing and successfully selling a single 131-tub SEEQmas Tree at Christmas last year, it would be bringing back the entertaining and one-of-a-kind offering. The clear protein specialist did note that unlike in 2023, whatever it had put together would cost $2,499, a big difference from the SEEQmas Tree’s price of $4,999. Today that returning product has gone live although SEEQ has put together something quite different this year as it’s not a Christmas Tree made of protein powder.

For Christmas this time around, SEEQ has introduced the SEEQmas Sack, which is a similar concept as the SEEQmas Tree, being a whole bunch of protein powder that combines for an intriguing Christmassy display. The SEEQmas Sack is simply a giant sack of 75 full-size tubs of the brand’s signature Clear Protein in your choice of flavors. The bundle works out to a discounted $33.32 a tub compared to SEEQ’s usual $44.99, saving you about 26%, a pinch more than its Black Friday sale where everyone got 25% off and tubs were $33.74.

As an added bonus, if anyone goes ahead and purchases the giant stash of protein powder that is the SEEQmas Sack, as someone did indeed do with last year’s SEEQmas Tree, SEEQ is going to name a company holiday after you and celebrate it every single year for the rest of its existence. It’s certainly something we can see a diehard fan doing to have a SEEQ company holiday named after them, and all you need to do is stock up and buy enough protein powder to last you just over two years using three tubs a month.

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