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SEEQ keeps the tradition alive as a lucky fan purchases its protein-filled Santa Sack

Seeq Sold Its Santa Sack

For Christmas this year, the clear protein specialist SEEQ did indeed bring back what is now a tradition with a special edition bundle of its protein powder plus a holiday twist. Last year, the colorful company sold 131 tubs to build what it called the SEEQmas Tree at a price of $4,999. Here in 2023, SEEQ mixed things up a bit with the much more cost-effective SEEQmas Sack at $2,499, which is indeed a giant sack of 75 tubs of the brand’s signature refreshing protein supplement and in the buyer’s choice of flavor.

Like the SEEQmas Tree, SEEQ only allows one purchase of the SEEQmas Sack, and as a bonus, the individual that ends up buying it would have a company holiday name after them, and it’d be celebrated until the end of time. Today, if you head to the brand’s website, you’ll see the SEEQmas Sack is no longer available, as its one unit has been sold. That keeps the SEEQ tradition alive and also means there is about to be an in-house holiday named after whoever grabbed the sack of 75 tubs of protein powder.

SEEQ will likely document the story and journey behind the lucky buyer of its SEEQmas Sack, as that is what it did after someone purchased the SEEQmas Tree, so keep an eye out on its social media platforms for what would undoubtedly be a fun, entertaining, and Christmassy video.

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