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Multi-benefit Cocoabuterol gets put into a standalone supplement at SNS

Sns Cocoabuterol Xt

One of the most specialized and stackable sports nutrition companies out there in Serious Nutrition Solutions — one that we regularly purchase from and stack — has added another product that fits right in with the rest of its selection. While the brand is known for its impressively formulated complex supplements like the top-rated Lean Edge and more recent EZGABA-backed muscle builder Growth Factor XT, it has a host of straightforward, single-ingredient items, which is what we’ve got here.

The latest from Serious Nutrition Solutions, more simply referred to as SNS is named Cocoabuterol XT, and that is precisely what it features. Cocoabuterol XT is essentially a standalone Cocoabuterol product, putting 100mg of the weight management, metabolism, and recomposition ingredient into a single capsule. The brand does already have Cocoabuterol in its recomposition-specific product Recomp 20, with Cocoabuterol XT giving you the ability to add or increase the use of the ingredient.

Being a standalone supplement, Serious Nutrition Solutions’ Cocoabuterol XT doesn’t cost all that much at $36.99 for a bottle of 90 capsules, and again, each capsule has 100mg, so if you want that 200mg a day to match that of Recomp 20, you’ll get a month and a half supply in a full-size. The brand has also added a few bulk buy options to save some cash, including a triple pack at $33.33 each or a dozen for $29.16 a piece, and be sure to throw a coupon like “STACK3D” in for an additional 25% discount.

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