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Nexus Peptide Complex will feature PeptiStrong but with a distinct Soul Performance twist

Soul Performance Nutrition Nexus Peptide Complex Unveiled

Soul Performance Nutrition has offered a closer look at the second of two new supplements it has coming soon, separate from the cellular health and healthy aging product Nova Immune Renewal. We are talking about the supplement previously teased with its name covered over and promoted with the tagline “cell signaling peptides”. That quick description alone had us suspecting this is some sort of formula involving premium and proven PeptiStrong.

Firstly, we can confirm the name of that previously covered-up supplement, and it is Nexus Peptide Complex. Secondly, despite Soul Performance Nutrition previewing Nova Immune Renewal before Nexus Peptide Complex, it will indeed be available before Nova. The last little detail the reputable brand has let out is that we were indeed spot on with our suspicion and that the multi-benefit PeptiStrong does indeed drive Nexus Peptide Complex.

Soul Performance Nutrition has added that while recovery, strength, and muscle building PeptiStrong will be the main ingredient in Nexus Peptide Complex, it has added its own spin to the supplement, which certainly has us curious. There aren’t too many brands out there in the world of sports nutrition utilizing PeptiStrong, so it’s going to be interesting to see what exactly Soul Performance has done, with a full breakdown coming in a couple of weeks.