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Swedish Supplements makes a simple cream of rice in chocolate and vanilla flavors

Swedish Supplements Cream Of Rice

The refreshing new Crazy Mango flavor of the I Am F*cked Up Headshot isn’t the only new product the occasionally hardcore Swedish Supplements has rolled out this month to close out the year. It has also dropped a completely new and self-explanatory item by the name of Cream Of Rice. As per the title, the product is indeed a large 1kg container of the clean and nutritious, quality carbohydrate source, cream of rice.

Swedish Supplements’ Cream Of Rice doesn’t have anything unique or different about it; it is indeed a tub of cream of rice in your choice of Heavenly Rich Chocolate or Vanilla Gelato flavors. Each 32g serving of the product provides a nutritious 22 to 24g of carbohydrates with practically none of that sugar, under a gram of fat, and between 2 and 3g of protein, all rounding out with a typical calorie count of 109 to 111.

Again, Cream Of Rice from Swedish Supplements isn’t anything advanced or innovative; it’s simply a jug of cream of rice, and it’s already made its way out to several reputable retailers, including Proteinbolaget, where you can get the product in its 1kg size at just 199 SEK (19.01 USD).