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MuscleTech has turned on its Creatine Chews page again after selling out in less than 24 hours

Muscletech Restocks Creatine Chews

It wasn’t too long ago that the legacy sports nutrition brand MuscleTech launched its alternative creatine supplement named Creatine Chews, which is indeed reliable and effective muscle-building creatine in the form of tasty chewable tablets. It is a fun and different way for you to get in your daily dose of creatine, with MuscleTech putting a gram in each of its tablets, giving you 3g in three tablets and a solid 5g in five, and more importantly, the product uses premium CreaPure, not standard creatine monohydrate.

MuscleTech shipped Creatine Chews out to stores, stockists, and distributors, as well as made it available for purchase through its online store, however, it was met with immense interest. Within 24 hours, the brand had to take the page offline as it completely ran out of stock of the chewable creatine supplement. For those of you who have been waiting for Creatine Chews to return, that has finally happened this week, with the brand making its page at live once again and with plenty of stock to go around.

MuscleTech’s Creatine Chews, in its one Citrus Burst flavor, will cost you $34.99 directly through before any discount or ongoing coupon code, and that gets you a bottle of 90 chewables, working out to the usual 30 servings by throwing down three chews a day or 18 if you bump up to 5g CreaPure creatine monohydrate. It would be best to get in sooner rather than later, as mentioned, the last time Creatine Chews were available through the brand’s website they came and went.