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Standalone HydroPrime capsules arriving at the end of the week from Apollon

Apollon Nutrition Standalone Hydroprime

Apollon Nutrition has already got things rolling and moving here in 2024, last week revealing and releasing a new and improved version of its packed-out testosterone booster Hard Target. In the typical style of the hardcore supplement company, it made a few notable changes, carrying over many of the highlights from the original but adding premium PrimaVie and fadogia for more muscle-building support. Following Hard Target V2, we have another product from the brand straightforwardly named HydroPrime.

HydroPrime from Apollon Nutrition is indeed a standalone supplement, giving you a reliable dose of the title ingredient, HydroPrime glycerol, in capsule format for easier stacking with other products, including the brand’s own stimulant pre-workouts like Assassin and Hooligan. You get 120 capsules a bottle, giving you plenty of choices when it comes to dosing, whether it be two, four, or six capsules, whatever your preferred or most effective amount may be, and being straightforward, it will have a reasonable price.

Apollon Nutrition is going with the usual release schedule for its standalone HydroPrime capsules, revealing it today and making it available for purchase at the end of the week, this coming Friday over at, again at a reasonable price for a bottle of 120 pills.