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Bite and More reveals a rice cake covered in Belgian chocolate and packing extra protein

Bite And More Rice Cake

Bite and More is known for its honey-sweetened protein pancakes, combining a soft and fluffy pancake with a gooey hit of flavor in a pocket deep inside, and that is where each of the many options available for the product differentiate from one another. The functional food brand did recently step outside of protein snacks, introducing two hybrid coffee supplements in Protein Iced Coffee and L-Carnitine Coffee, and the innovation continues to roll in this week with Bite and More announcing its Rice Cake.

The Bite and More Rice Cake sees the company return to the functional food side of things with a rice cake that is deliciously covered in decadent Belgian chocolate and is higher in protein than your traditional rice cake. The product tips the scales at 18g a piece, and 20% of that is protein, as outlined on the front of its packaging, working out to 3.6g of protein a piece. That doesn’t sound like a lot compared to the typical 20g in a protein bar, but again, next to a standard rice cake, it is quite the boost.

The complete nutrition profile of Bite and More’s higher protein Rice Cake hasn’t been shared, but with 20% protein and weighing only 18g a piece, we can’t imagine the other numbers being anything concerning, and the brand has highlighted that there isn’t any added sugar. The product is making its way to market shortly, and while only the one chocolate flavor has been unveiled, don’t be surprised if there are others in the bank or in the pipeline, as the brand has shown it knows how to expand a menu.