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Pre-workout specialist Black Market unveils its focus-heavy competitor Rule

Black Market Defy The Rule

The original underground supplement company, Black Market, is one of the earliest pre-workout specialists of memory, as since its inception, it has been all about the category, and that has continued to be the case throughout its over a decade-long career. It started with the DMAA-era powerhouses AdreNOlyn Bulk and AdreNOlyn Cuts, and now the reputable brand has a lot more in the highly competitive space such as Pre, Fit, Bulk, Cuts, Defy, and entering the line this week is Rule or more completely, Defy The Rule.

Black Market’s Rule is a loaded pre-workout with a similar sort of angle as AdreNOlyn Nootropic in that it is a comprehensive supplement featuring ingredients for all of the core benefits but with more emphasis on the area of focus and concentration. We’ve got the facts panel for the product directly below, and as you can see, it has a bit of support for pumps and performance, with the likes of citrulline, beta-alanine, and Himalayan pink salt, but a whole lot more for energy and the primary purpose of mental focus.

Black Market Rule Pre Workout Label

Driving that all-important nootropic portion of Black Market’s Defy The Rule pre-workout is 250mg uridine, a rarity in this sort of supplement, a hefty 800mg of lion’s mane, 3g of tyrosine, 200mg of theobromine, 100mg of velvet bean, 300mg of dendrobium, and 150mg of eria jarensis. Caffeine is, of course, in the upcoming Rule, and at a pretty intense level of close to half a gram from multiple sources in 350mg of caffeine anhydrous, 100mg of Cafe Alatus natural caffeine, and 50mg of Infinergy di-caffeine malate.

Black Market is indeed a pre-workout specialist, and its continued effort in the category has maintained that reputation, with Defy The Rule or simply Rule simply being another respectable effort. The product is not available just yet, but it will soon be in tubs of 20 maximum servings in Peach Rings, Watermelon Lemonade, and Raspberry Mango Sherbet flavors. The nootropic-favored supplement is quickly following the other completely new pre-workout Black Market just dropped in partnership with MAN Sports.