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BPI Sports restarts its Instagram following after being acquired by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Bpi Sports Instagram Restart

Last month, we posted the major industry news that BPI Sports, the long-running sports nutrition brand known throughout the years for several popular supplements like Best BCAA, the fat burner Rx6, and the legendary pre-workout 1MR, had indeed been acquired by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals after filing for bankruptcy a couple of months earlier. The brand has a promising journey ahead of it, saying it is positioning itself for long-term growth and a strong future, with plenty of product innovations on the way.

We’ve got a small but notable bit of news to share today, which is not as impactful as Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals acquiring BPI Sports, but it is something worth noting and highlighting. Something fans may have already picked up on is that if you were following the brand on Facebook or X, you’d still be getting updates and posts, but on Instagram, you might be missing it. That’s because BPI Sports has indeed restarted its entire Instagram presence, with the first post on its new account coming five days ago.

This isn’t an Instagram handle change or anything like that, as previously BPI Sports could be found at bpi_sports, which had a following of close to half a million followers, whereas now it goes by bpisports_official sitting on a total of a few hundred. Again, if you’re a fan who enjoys the sports nutrition brand and wants to stay as close to possible to it, be sure to head over to Instagram and follow the newly registered account.

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