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Cinnamon Bun and Chocolate Brownie join the menu of Huge’s cost-competitive protein powder

Chocolate Brownie Huge Whey

Two new flavors have jumped onto the list of options for one of Huge Supplements’ three different protein powders, and it is not the menu of the premium Whey Isolate or plant-based Vegan Protein getting the attention this time around. The extensions are Cinnamon Bun, based on the baked treat of the same name, and the decadent Chocolate Brownie, both going to the more cost-competitive item simply named Huge Whey, which is also the first-ever protein-based supplement the brand brought to market.

As mentioned, Huge Whey is Huge Supplements’ cost-competitive protein powder, and that generally all comes down to the sources of protein. In this one, there is only whey concentrate to provide a respectable 23.5g of protein per serving, and there is some added dextrose bumping up the carbohydrates to 8.5g and the serving size to 37.2g. You can grab either of the new flavors, Cinnamon Bun or Chocolate Brownie, straight from Huge’s online store at $44.95 for a 2.5lb tub of 30 servings.