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Limited Souls4Sale is coming back multiple times this year starting with a Valentine’s Edition

Condemned Souls4sale Valentines

Hardcore sports nutrition company Condemned Labz released a special edition pre-workout last year by the name of Souls4Sale, and it was rolled out around Halloween, a perfect fit for a supplement with that sort of title. The product features its own individual combination of ingredients, separate from other items from the brand, and while it was put out for All Hallow’s Eve and was initially a limited edition launch, we’re gathering it proved successful as that temporary pre-workout is indeed making a return.

Condemned Labz has announced it is bringing back its eye-catching and alternatively-branded Souls4Sale pre-workout, featuring the same formula, including 6g of pure citrulline, 200mg of eria jarensis, a few premium components in Sabroxy and CognatiQ for focus and concentration, and, of course, caffeine at 250mg. The interesting difference this time around is the brand has changed up the look of the supplement, maintaining that catchy title but theming it around a separate occasion in Valentine’s Day.

You can see the second round of Souls4Sale in the image above and look forward to it becoming available right on the day itself, which is Wednesday, the 14th of next month. The brand has mixed up the flavor, switching to Strawberry for its Valentine’s Day Edition, and another interesting detail, is that this won’t be the last time we see Souls4Sale. Condemned Labz has said it’ll be doing several other themed drops of the pre-workout across the year, giving it more chances to show off its creative and awesome branding