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Core Nutritionals goes the pack route for its genuinely comprehensive Daily Health Pack

Core Nutritionals Daily Health Pack

Core Nutritionals has followed in the footsteps of Animal, MTS Nutrition, Beyond Raw, Like A Pro, and the few other sports nutrition brands out there with a health and wellness supplement that rolls a variety of capsules and tablets into a convenient individual pack. This is something Animal is, of course, widely known for with its signature Animal Pak, and this week, the reputable Core Nutritionals has revealed and released something similar with the comprehensive and genuinely 8-in-1 Daily Health Pack.

Core Nutritionals Daily Health Pack features a whole host of ingredients that you would typically find divided up and separated into other, more dedicated supplements. That is actually something the brand already has in its Lifeline Series, including the likes of Core Heart, Core Prostate, and Core Gut. Daily Health Pack does touch on many of the Lifeline Series’ areas; however, it doesn’t go quite as in-depth, which is to be expected when they’re $54.99 a bottle, and Daily Health Pack is just a bit more at $69.99.

We’ve got the various facts panels for Core Nutritionals Daily Health Pack directly above, and like some of those other pack-style products mentioned earlier, the pills in the individual packs are for a specific purpose or contain a group of ingredients. It is indeed a comprehensive combination, featuring a handful of components to support almost every corner of health and wellness in gut health, digestion, brain function, heart and liver health, joint support, omega-3 fatty acids, and a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Core Nutritionals Daily Health Pack Label

Daily Health Pack is intended to be your one-stop shop, sort of an upgraded daily multivitamin, supporting each of those areas mentioned with a reliable set of ingredients and dosages. Once again, this is separate from Core Nutritionals’ Lifeline Series as well as other supplements it has available with similarly focused formulas. Those other products mostly have more advanced combinations of ingredients compared to Daily Health Pack, like Core Multi, Core Greens, and Core Gut, but again, that comes at a price, whereas this release touches on those areas less in-depth alongside a fairer price.

Core Nutritionals has made its Daily Health Pack available first directly through its online store at, and in its usual fashion, there are some deals to celebrate the introduction of the well-rounded health and wellness supplement. While a box of 30 servings does cost $69.99, as highlighted earlier, you can quickly bring that down by grabbing two boxes for $129.99, which works out to $65 each, or go even bigger for three Daily Health Packs at $179.99, saving about 15% at $60 a piece for the three.